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What is ... and why use it?

I've had many people ask me questions about the different ingredients in smudge sticks and their uses. I wouldn't expect someone to buy something if they didn't know what it was for. So this is a place for me to explain what I can about my products to the best of my abilities.



Found in : Smudge wands. Braided to be burned seperately as well.

Spiritual Benefits : It is believed that burning sweetgrass will attract good spirits and influences. Some burn sweetgrass braids after smudging to 'set' the smudge and make the energy purifying last longer.

Sage & White Sage


Found in : Just about any method of purification and banning evil.

Spiritual Benefits : Sage is used all across the world as a natural purifier. It is meant to drive out unwanted spirits, feelings, and energy. If you have had a spiritual leader close up a vortex or portal in your home, sage was the active ingredient in dispelling those energies. White sage is viewed to be a purer form of sage.



Found in : Smudge sticks, incense.

Spiritual Benefits : Some Native Americans spread cedar on the ground before purification ceremonies. Others weave the branches into their smudge sticks. Cedar is believed to be 'holy' in nature and using cedar is meant to bring you prayers to the Great Spirit.



Found in : Smudge sticks, resin form.

Spiritual Benefits : Copal is an aromatic tree resin burned for sacred purification and protection. It is also used in 'sweat lodge' ceremonies.