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Why We're Here

Our motivation as a business is to provide products and information used in the spiritual healing processes.

What is in a name?

"The name Akasha was a noun invented from dissecting the adjective Akashic, as from the Akashic Records. Those who read Sylvia Browne books know the Akashic Records as being a library of books on the Other Side which is the written record of the knowledge of God. Many times my Spirit Guide Owaru has also referred to these records. Our name was invented from what we believe the word Akashic to mean, to be 'of God' and we are all trying to improve ourselves to be more 'of God' everyday, and our products are meant to help you on that journey, no matter what spiritual background you have. " - Jessica Gunckle


Smudge Stick Properties
Addresses questions about ingredients in smudge sticks.

Listing and pricing of products that we carry.

Gemstone Properties
A page created addressing the properties of gemstones that we carry in our shop.

About Us
Learn more about our motivation and the plans for the future.

Join our community for spiritual growth and support.


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